Bunny flying a pink plane trinket box
Bunny flying a pink plane trinket box
Bunny flying a pink plane trinket box
Bunny flying a pink plane trinket box
Bunny flying a pink plane trinket box
Bunny flying a pink plane trinket box
Bunny flying a pink plane trinket box

Keren Kopal

Bunny flying a pink plane trinket box

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This item is part of the Rabbits and Bunnies Trinket Box Series and part of The Keren Kopal collection, Rabbit and bunny trinket boxes are charming decorative items that combine functionality with whimsical design. These small containers, often used to store jewelry or other small treasures, feature adorable rabbit-themed motifs that appeal to animal lovers and collectors alike.

Item Size:
Centimeters : H 7.6 x W 9.9 x L 8.9
Inches: H 2.99 x W 3.90 x L 3.50

Rabbits and bunnies have long held a special place in the hearts of people around the world, captivating us with their undeniable charm and endearing qualities. These fluffy creatures, with their twitching noses and soft fur, seem to possess an almost magical ability to melt even the coldest of hearts.

In the realm of modern culture and art, rabbits have hopped their way into prominence, leaving lasting impressions across various mediums. Literature has given us unforgettable rabbit characters, from the mischievous Peter Rabbit to the brave inhabitants of Watership Down. These stories have not only entertained but also taught valuable lessons about courage, friendship, and the natural world. The silver screen has been equally enamored with our long-eared friends. Who can forget the wisecracking Bugs Bunny or the lovable Roger Rabbit?

The Easter Bunny, originally known as "Oschter Haws" or the Easter Hare, hails from Germany. The earliest known mention of this mythical creature dates back to a German text from 1572. The tradition involves the hare laying a nest of colorful eggs for well-behaved children, a custom that was later brought to America by German immigrants in the 1700s. These immigrants settled in Pennsylvania and introduced the tradition of the egg-laying hare, which evolved into the modern Easter Bunny

The tradition of the Easter egg hunt also has roots in German customs. Children would build nests for the Easter Hare to lay its eggs, which they would then hunt for in the garden. This practice was brought to America by German immigrants and has since become a widespread Easter tradition. The eggs, often decorated and hidden, symbolize new life and resurrection, aligning with the themes of Easter[3][5].

Collecting Easter Bunny memorabilia has become a popular hobby for many enthusiasts. These collectors often seek out vintage and unique items, such as antique chocolate molds, figurines, and decorations. The appeal lies in the nostalgia and the rich history associated with the Easter Bunny, making it a cherished part of Easter celebrations for many families.

In summary, the Easter Bunny and the Easter egg hunt are traditions steeped in folklore and cultural practices that have evolved over centuries. They bring joy and a sense of wonder to the holiday, celebrating themes of renewal and new life.

• Handmade by the artist Keren Kopal.
• Plated with 24K Gold.
• Each crystal is handpicked and artistically placed on each piece.
• The trinket box has a magnetic fastener to secure the closure.
• Every Keren Kopal item is shipped in an elegant black box.
• Each item is painted by hand using a unique procedure that combines a distinctive enamel technique inlaid with Austrian crystals.

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